Kurdistan’s emerging radicals

As the image of an independent Kurdistan remains imprisoned within its frame, Kurdish youth, particularly those living within the KRI, have decided to “revamp” Kurdish nationalism in an alternative form: Nazism.

Politics within the Kurdistan region of Iraq, otherwise known as the KRI, is dominated by two infamous political parties: PDK & PUK. A definite majority of people within the KRI either exclude themselves from politics or align themselves with one of the two given parties, however as per the recent political climate within the region Kurdish youths have decided to turn away from “Hezbati” (Partisan politics) and take a literal “third position”.

The revival of this alternative political stance could be described as the introduction of interest groups to the region, however unlike “traditional” interests groups, this radical group considers themselves to be a political party, without going through the legal process of becoming a party. It is vital to understand that the outlook for these “new era” party’s are unknown, some may regard them as children with big aspirations and some may regard them as a threat to society.

As with any political scheme left and right wing civics arise, as per the nexus of this article a particular “party” that I’ve come across aligns itself with the far right, although consider themselves to be of the “Third Position” an elevated political ideology.

Logos fashioned by the PSNK & “Kurdish Facist Party” via Telegram

Partî Sosyalîst Neteweyî Kurdî (PSNK) — Kurdish National Socialist Party is a six month old group that has cherry picked values from Nazism and Kurdish nationalism. The group has gone as far to develop a manifesto in which it describes the political stance of the group as being a

“Facist party that basis it’s policies, both economic and social, on the philosophy of Giovcani Gentile and follows in the footsteps of and Anti-Communist and Anti-Capitalist Nationalistic movement which advocates corporatism and the unifications of our people as one cohesive block, based on culture and the regional territories we inhabit and have inhabited for centuries”.

In addition to their manifesto the group claims that fascism is “not a racist ideology” which to a varied extent is true however the party promotes racist overtones towards anyone that is not a Kurd. Quite obviously PSNK isn’t very “fond” of Jews and so it has coined prominent Kurdish figures, such as Masoud Barzani and Jalal Talabani to be of Jewish descent and has connected them to Jewish conspiracies.

Gravestones of Moshi Barzani and Meir Feinstein in
Jerusalem, Israel (Mount of Olives)

The group fetishizes certain political figures, quite obviously one of them being Adolf Hitler, along with some lesser known figures such as Ramzi Nafi Rashid. The group reiterates Ramzi’s relevance by claiming him as the first Kurdish leader to join the Nazi party and participated in “Mammoth” operations in 1943 which had the ambition to push British forces out of Southern Kurdistan. The operation started on June 15, 1943. But on June 28, exactly eleven days later, the Germans were discovered and arrested. Ramzi surrendered to the authorities in Erbil a day later. The operation was seen as a pathetic attempt, but to the PSNK it was the peak of “Kurdish Nazism”.

Restored image of Ramzi Nafi

The emergence of these ironic and almost satirical groups is usually focused amongst teenagers, however the members of the PSNK group have a median age of 24, which is concerning to say the least. The group is to be considered one of little concern as all they have been able to achieve is the production of low-quality propaganda against Jews and Kurdistan’s elite.

To summarize this phenomenon of a group the PSNK are a Kurdish, National Socialist, Nazi, Facist, Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Communist, Anti-KRG, Anti-PDK & Anti-PUK group with little to no funding and an approximated 50 active members within the KRI. Whether the KRG is to consider them a threat or not is up for discussion as civilian based groups are known to have caused all forms of havoc in urban environments. From the perspective of a politics student, such as myself, the group is almost pathetic and won’t prove itself to be much of an issue in Kurdish political life.

EDITORS NOTE: The writer, Yad Fazel, is not to be considered an affiliate of the PSNK, PDK, PUK or any Kurdish political organization. Unless warranted, information about the group will not be provided other than what is stated in this article.

Politics student in Erbil, Kurdistan. They (the Kurds) will always carry a dagger, either to slit your throat, or to slit the throat of a sheep in your honor.